A Look At Golfweek

Gambling Sep 20, 2021

A Look At Golfweek

Golfweek is a weekly golf magazine and online media outlet published in Orlando, Florida, United States formerly known as Gannett. It is now part of Gannett USA. It is dedicated to providing the best information on golf vacations. As of this writing it is the third most popular golf magazine in the world.

Golfweek is not only for golf enthusiasts but is also for those who enjoy other recreational sports such as fishing, surfing, hiking and adventure sports. The magazine covers many areas of the game of golf from the most famous golf courses to the most remote courses in the world. The magazine’s calendar is full of events such as the Annual GP Honda Classic presented by Honda in January, The Masters Tournament in April, the Pan-Am Tournament in June, and the UPS Championship in August. It also has golf articles that give more background on various topics such as tips on how to improve your game, the best equipment to buy, and strategies for tournament play. There are reviews of golf resorts, golf gear, and golf courses.

Golfweek was ranked number three in the world in 2021 in its category of sports magazines. The US magazine Golfweek finished second, while Golfweek Canada was third. This magazine is dedicated to presenting information on golf to the readers of the magazine. It features stories and articles that give the readers tips and ideas on how they can improve their skills with golf.

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