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Gambling Sep 11, 2021

Golfweek magazine is a golfing magazine and online media outlet published in Orlando, Florida. It is part of Gannett Media USA. Golfweek is one of the most popular and well-respected golf magazines in the country. It was named by Golf Digest as one of the best magazines in the world.

Golfweek was one of the very first magazines to endorse a PGA tour event, hosting the LPGA Women’s Divisional playoff at the Old Pine Golf Course in Nashville, Tennessee. The tournament generated huge television ratings, with the coverage drawing nearly four million viewers. In the first week alone, it attracted an average audience of more than three million viewers. That was also the first week that LPGA ratings topped two million viewers.

Besides carrying full listings of the PGA tour events, the magazine also carries news and features on various golf topics. Some of the major golf tournaments such as the WGC-C2 and Deutsche Bank Golf Tournament held annually in Hawaii feature in its schedule. Golfweek first came out with a digital magazine for its readers, which has been continuously received well. In its 21st year, it has proven to be a popular and trusted name in the sports industry. With a complete schedule of the PGA tournament, Golfweek has proven its worth over the years.

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