Golfweek Amateur Season – Playing For the Title

Gambling Sep 26, 2021

Golfweek Amateur Season – Playing For the Title

Golfweek is a weekly golf magazine and online media outlet published in Orlando, Florida, United States. It is now part of Gannett Inc. It has a circulation of over five million copies. It is dedicated to golf enthusiasts and provides information on golf courses, new products, golf courses and the latest trends in golfing.

The feature article every week is “Best of Golfweek” which is a review of the best golf events occurring that week. The “championship Round” is a special four-day tournament where the best golfer from each region of the world compete to be named the “champion.” Each region is represented with a respective champion. The “Special Round” is an exhibition tournament in which golfers from different parts of the world compete to find out who the best in the country is. “TV Show Golf” is a weekly program on Golf Channel where professional golfer Pat Riley and his staff play through a round of golf, answering viewer questions and telling stories from the game. Other than these sports articles, the magazine features articles on golf tips, news, and advice about everything golf related.

The magazine also includes links to buy Golf Week Tickets, the best value for money and best seats for a championship. There are also links for buying Golfweek magazine, golf videos, photos, and other information regarding golf. A unique feature of Golfweek is that they offer “championship flights” to two players at a time for a price of $250. If a golfer reaches the limit of the number of championship flights he can have, he has to pay double the cost of the single trip ticket. The “Championship Round” also has “epic round” options allowing players to book one trip to their destination and two at another destination, or a combination of trips, in a set order. The “epic round” option costs double the price of a single trip ticket.

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