Golfweek Magazine Review

Gambling Sep 17, 2021

Golfweek Magazine Review

Golfweek is an online golf magazine and online digital media outlet published in Orlando, Florida, United States formerly known as Gannett. It is part of Gannett’s USA Today Network. The magazine covers golf for every level and category including beginners to professionals. It features user-submitted stories, news tips, links to additional articles, a calendar of events, and links to special feature stories, including those by professional golfers

Golfweek features golf courses from across the country and even lists the highest rated holes in each category, including practice sessions, lessons, tournaments and more. Additionally, it publishes many special features, including “The Best of the Golfweek Tournament” which highlights the best holes and players during a tournament. The “High Ball” series features the best shots from the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship.

The “World Golf Tour” section of golfweek features a recap of the most exciting golf tournaments on tour. The “Cheltenham Festival” is the largest annual sports event in the English-speaking world, also broadcasted internationally. “Fiesta USA” is the celebration of the United States’ most popular holiday, while “Chicagoland Challenge” features the best chocolates, wines and food from around the Unites States and Canada.

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