Golfweek Magazine

Gambling Sep 2, 2021

Golfweek magazine is a full-service magazine that is published quarterly in the US. It is published by Gannett Co. and is dedicated to golf. It features not only current news about golf, but also magazines that feature travel, recreation, leisure, personal finance, news and sports. It also advertises golf hotels.

Golfweek is published in fourteen magazine issues and is available in its online version and the hard copy version. It features articles on new golf trends, new products hitting the market, best-selling items, and events that are held monthly. The magazine also features feature independent reviews from professionals and experts on different aspects of the game. It also publishes special golf sections that are exclusive only for the issue. It also publishes various other sections, such as travel, entertainment, fine art, children’s, automotive, business and other golf related publications.

Golfweek can be subscribed through an internet connection to Gannett. In case of any damage or defect to the magazine either on shipping or after purchase, Golfweek provides a full refund. It also provides customers with a ten-day trial run. It is delivered to your home free of charge and comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee.

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