Is Boxing a Real Sport?

Gambling Sep 19, 2021

Sports are generally governed either by a strict code or traditions, that ensure fair play, and enable consistent adjudication of the winner, especially when competing against others. In most organised sport, standings are kept, records of past performance are regularly made, and for less popular sports, such as curling, the information can be widely announced or spoken of in sports news. Many other sports follow similar traditions, with different associations or governing bodies maintaining consistent rules. However, there are several sport-related terms that can be confusing, especially where the subject has come up before, or where there is confusion as to which the terminology applies.

A classic example is tennis, whose capitalisation on jargon applies not only to the actual competitive game but also to the different sets of equipment used to win, such as racket, forehand and backhand. racket is used to describe a racquet that a player uses to hit a ball, while forehand refers to a type of stroke with the racket, while backhand is used to hit the ball on the opposite side. While the terms may sometimes sound awkward when trying to explain to an international audience, it is important to remember that they all actually come from the sport of tennis. The same goes for football, rugby and hockey, each of which has its own set of names, as well as describing specific aspects of the game, such as kicking or punching. There is no confusion as to what is meant by ‘punching’, as it refers to the art of striking with the fist, rather than with the shoulder, head or any other part of the body.

Many people argue that there is no need for the sport to have terms for teams, players and referees, because there is no need for competition to occur, unless you consider sports such as basketball and cricket to be games of skill. To compete in a game of skill you need skills in your physique as well as your muscles and mind. Competitions can help sharpen your skills and develop your abilities. Therefore, we do not see the need to describe boxing as a sport, as boxing is more than just a competition between two people, it is also a competition between two minds.

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