Review of Golfweek Magazine

Gambling Sep 23, 2021

Golfweek magazine is a well-known golf magazine and web site based in Orlando, Florida, United States exclusively for golf enthusiasts. It is a part of Gannett Inc., USA Today Network’s brand of print magazines. The magazine has won several awards including the “iture” book of the year, “SI” book of the year, and is ranked as the third best monthly magazine overall. Golfweek can be subscribed online via its website. It features feature articles on current golf topics, various golf travel packages, new golf equipment, latest tips and golfing news.

Golfweek’s editorial staff constantly monitors and reviews the world’s top golf courses, clubs, and related issues. This makes it easier for the consumer to choose from a vast selection of products. Because of this extensive review, Golfweek magazine frequently has featured links that direct consumers directly to the top-notch courses located in different parts of the country. The magazine also offers information on participating golf courses. In addition, Golfweek magazine has an archive section that carries past issues. These are perfect for keeping golfers up to date about the current golf trends.

One can subscribe to Golfweek through its website, through a regular mail order, or by a call order. Golfweek subscribers have the opportunity to receive the magazine conveniently through email and are able to save the subscription cost on their credit cards. It is very easy to unsubscribe from Golfweek by simply calling the 800 number on the back of the magazine. Subscribers who do not want to receive emails from Golfweek should inform the customer service regarding their request to be removed from the database.

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