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When we talk about “sport” people often talk about what kind of activity it is. For instance, if we talk about “sport” the term” athleticism” comes to mind. The word “sport” can mean any type of competitive physical activity, that through organised or casual activity, aim at developing or expressing physical power, improving mental well being or getting results at competitive level in any form. In recent years, the word “sport” has been increasingly used and is now used in a much broader way for a wide range of activities. However, there is an increasing tendency to use the word “sport” to describe any recreational activity, with a slightly narrower usage of the term “sport” to only apply to those activities which involve contact with one another on an ongoing basis.

Sport is an umbrella term, with “sport” standing for any physical skill or pursuit. This includes motor sport (such as golf, tennis, swimming, horse riding, aerobics), sporting skill (including ice climbing, surfing, weightlifting, hockey, racing, snorkeling, skating) and intellectual sport (such as tennis, golf, rugby, swimming, etc). Sport involves a range of activities, but some of the most common types of sport include motor sport, competitive skill, athletic skill and leisure sport. Sport is an ever-broadening area, encompassing many different types of competition, activities, and categories. Many people now refer to any physical skill, athletic ability or pursuit as sport, while others may describe a particular game, competition or course of action as sport.

Sport can be divided further into specific sports, such as fencing and tennis, as well as more general sports, such as badminton, swimming, sailing and golf. The most popular sport in the UK is golf, with some people taking part in regular and high level regular games throughout the summer months. Sport also includes physical skills, such as sports which require a person to climb, throw, kick, punch or push themselves. Some examples of these are badminton, cycling, canoeing, hiking, climbing, sailing, track cycling, wrestling, basketball, rugby, ice skating, golf, hockey, track cycling, wrestling, bowling, squash, rowing, skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, sailing, ski-ing and horse riding. In the US, professional and college sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and lacrosse are the most popular professional sports. Numerous other well known activities, including gymnastics, cheerleading, figure skating, ice skating, surfing are considered to be of particular forms of sport in the United States.

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