The Golf Guide for Junior Golfers

Gambling Aug 30, 2021

Golfweek is a well-known golf magazine and online media outlet both in Orlando, Florida and all over America. It is a part of Gannett Publishing’s USA Today Network. The magazine covers all kinds of golf from the novice to professional golfer. Issues of Golfweek are sent to homes of readers six times a year. The site also features special sections like Best of the Golfweek, Golf Talk, The Golf Review, and Golf Test.

In addition to the traditional golf section, Golfweek also offers information on new golf equipment, latest golf trends, discount coupons and recommendations, and much more. The print version of Golfweek has articles on everything golf related and is available on newsstands wherever you purchase your copy. They have also launched a website, that offers golf enthusiasts a chance to go behind the scenes and see what it takes to be a professional golfer.

Junior Golf Assoc is another division of Golfweek. They provide complete listings of events for juniors and children, especially those that play golf. One can find information about junior tournaments such as the Junior Golf Assoc weekly tournament, the Senior Golf Assoc, and the Under 21 Golf Tournament. They also have listings of local tournaments throughout the country. Golfweek has clubs, public links, public courses, and public golfing seminars that will help any junior golfer get the best advice.

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