The Nature of Sport

Gambling Sep 27, 2021

What exactly can be considered sport? Sport generally refers to organized games of one kind or another. Sports, for instance, include American football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, Australian rugby, tennis, golf, softball, cricket, and the list goes on. Sport, as you probably know, is typically defined by its participants. For instance, people who play baseball are considered to be sportsmen, while those who skateboard are considered to be sportswomen.

What then perceive as sport in one case might not be in another; sports changes dramatically depending on social trends, norms, and even new directions taken in any given sport. As important, what’s important to remember is that sport has little to do with physical activity and everything to do with skill, precision, and concentration. And what’s more important than these things is that sport enables us to be active and perform at our best. Sport, after all, is about competition and being able to win, so anyone who would suggest that it’s about physical activity and exercise is, quite frankly, lying through their teeth. Equally as important, if a certain physical activity isn’t sport, what’s it called?

Finally, it’s important to realize that when people say something is not a sport, this doesn’t always mean it isn’t a particular activity. It could very well mean that a particular activity doesn’t require the participation of sportswomen or game players, but that nevertheless requires an adequate level of skill. So in the end, sport might very well be defined by the way people understand and use it. For most people, sport means something entirely different than it means for many other people.

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